Safe Water Storage for Caravans in Australia

SAFETANK provides an ingenious water storage solution for caravans in Australia. This unique and innovative product provides both safety and convenience for users. Contact our experienced team today to find out more about what we do.


Your average caravan will incorporate a queen-sized bed, solar power, a microwave, oven, gas cooker, a hot water tank, heater, reversed cycle air con, shower, toilet, washing machine, table, chairs, pull-outs (outdoor awning), BBQ, sink, seating areas, 2 batteries at 36kg each and 3 water tanks.

That’s a lot of heavy equipment that needs to be properly balanced.

“80% of caravan rollover crashes we attend are due to bad weight distribution.”

Mike Clayton – Clayton’s Towing

“The most important factor in caravan stability is weight distribution.”

Colin Young – President of Caravan Council of Australia

SAFETANK solves this problem by taking away the need for fresh and grey water tanks. Your grey water is stored in the same container as your fresh water but kept safely separated from your potable water with the use of an army-regulation bladder.

SAFETANK’s patented design, ensures your fresh water stays fresh and totally isolated from your grey water, while helping to properly manage the weight distribution of your caravan.

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